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Off rip

Off rip (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /off-rihp/

Also spelled or known as: Off the rip, Off-rip

Related: Off the rip, Off top, Off the bat, Off the jump, Off the top

What does Off rip mean?

From the start, right away, or immediately.

Off rip Synonyms: Off the rip, Off the bat, Off the top, From the get go

Example sentence:Off rip there are no phones allowed.”

Off rip in songs:

“Pay me in advance, off rip (Off rip) Tell lilmama do the dance on the dick” – 6ix9ine, RONDO.

“You ain’t gotta check in the hotel, my nigga just come to the crib As far as the hoes, you fuckinoff rip, they know who you is” – Tee Grizzley, WhatYo City Like?.

“We shootin’ off rip don’t got time for no hesitations And I ain’t in conversations” – Bizzy Banks, Don’t Start.

I’m getting naked off rip, baby no shame, fuck mine, I want you make me call yo name” – Plies, Jump.

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Off rip
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Off rip

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