4 deep

4 deep (slang)

Type: slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /4-deep/

Also spelled or known as: Four-deep, 4-Deep, Four deep

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What does 4 deep mean?

1. To have or be with 4 people in a car.

4 deep Synonyms: Mobbin

2. A Hip-Hop group from Houston.

Example sentence: “We was 4 deep in the caravan.”

4 deep in songs:

“We 4 deep at a swapmeet, don’t need a 5th wheel” – Jay Rock, Easy Bake.

Slide through the opps, 4 deep in the car, They runnin’, they fallin, but we ain’t even stop, Team on top” – L’A Capone, 600 Barz.

“Hey yo peep them bitchez in the Honda, 4 deep with the proper ass sounds” – Eazy-E, Switchez.

4 deep in the Tahoe, 4,5 chapo” – Sleepy Hallow, Panic.

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4 deep
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4 deep

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