Cat (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /kat/

What does Cat mean?

1. A vagina.

Cat Synonyms: Cooter, Coochie, WAP, Pussy, Cunt, Punani, Doonie, Cut up

2. A cool cat; a cool person.

Example sentence: “What was the cat on the phone talking about?”

Cat in songs:

“I eat that cat just like a lion” – Lil Wayne, Rich As Fuck.

“Let me put the head in Ooh, I don’t want more than that; girl, I respect the cat” – Kendrick Lamar, LUST..

“But in fact, where the old me at? The same cat, That would take that feedback and aim back, I need that” – Eminem, Lucky You.

I’m that cat by the bar toastin’ to the good life” – 50 Cent, In da Club.

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