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The Yams

The Yams (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /the-yams/

Also spelled or known as: The-Yams

What does The Yams mean?

Miami, Florida.

The Yams Synonyms: MIA, M.I.A

Example sentence: “I want to live in the yams eventually.”

The Yams in songs:

“Back from the Yams and the case closed Blood on my kicks, that’s from stomping his face off” – 22Gz, Suburban, Pt. 2.

“In the Yams with some jawns, on our scooter bikes They was claiming that they do it but don’t do it right” – Young M.A, Same Set.

Stufinder Miami
Stufinder Miami

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The Yams
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The Yams

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