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Classics (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /class-icks/

Related: Class

Singular: Classic

What does Classics mean?

Long lasting songs or albums of the highest class.

Classics Synonyms: Hits, Smashes

Example sentence: “Michael Jackson has a lot of classics.”

Classics in songs:

“Still givin’ you classics, that’s the only thing that dates me” – Pusha-T, The Story of Adidon.

“Baby makin’ classics, Baby in the hood gettin’ active, Baby keep it real with his people, Baby like a preacher, Baby prolly still sell reefer” – Lil Baby, Baby.

“How much of Biggie’s rhymes is gonna come out your fat lips? Wanted to be on every last one of my classics” – Nas, Ether.

“Studied all the classics, start revisin’ my strategy” – The Game, Dreams.

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