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Hundy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hun-dee/

Plural: Hundies

What does Hundy mean?

Hundred. Hundy is slang for Hundred.

Hundy Synonyms: Hunnit, Hundo, 100, Hunnid, Hundie

Example sentence: “I just spent a hundy on some shoes.”

Hundy in songs:

“Okay, you best not be goin’ a hundred I’m doin’ a hundy” – Kenny Nuney, Holy Water.

“I was aiming for her mouth, couldn’t control it, now her hair crunchy Left and hit Dover Street Market, spent a hundy” – Machine Gun Kelly, Killa Cam Freestyle.

“Stopping at the trap, finna go and see what’s up with unky Supreme drip, T-shirt cost a couple hundy” – BabyTron, Hustle Junkie.

“Buss down audemars, she never made a fifty or a hundy‘, I don’t know where to start” – Kap G, Pull Up.

“It’s real, I just wanna make a cool hundy mil” – Home Brew, That’s Not Hip Hop.

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