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Stash spot

Stash spot (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /stash-spot/

Also spelled or known as: Stash-spot

Related: Stash

Plural: Stash spots

What does Stash spot mean?

A secret place to hide drugs, guns, and other illegal or miscellaneous things.

Stash spot Synonyms: Stash

Example sentence: “They found a lot of money in the stash spot.”

Stash spot in songs:

“Put your glass high if you made it out the stash spot And here to tell a story and celebrate the glory” – Nas, A Queens Story.

“Took it to my stash spot, 560 State Street Catch me in the kitchen, like a Simmons whippin’ pastry” – Jay-Z, Empire State of Mind.

“Remember we hit up the highway, we got us a stash spot Remember as soon as we touch down, nigga cash out” – Future, Inside the Mattress.

“A stash spot for the so-called law Wishing Ren was a nigga that they never saw” – MC Ren, Fuck tha Police.

“Your back pop, I can’t stop Excitement, Glock shots from your stash spot Fuck it, thugged out, I respect the cash route Glocked down, blasters, sets while I mash out” – Eve, Let Me Blow Ya Mind.

“Huh, bad bitches with ass shots Use a house as a stash spot” – CyHi The Prynce, Sin City.

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Stash spot
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Stash spot