What’s up

What’s up (slang)

Type: noun, slang, expression, greeting

Pronunciation: /whats-up/

Also spelled or known as: Whatsup, Wassup

Related: Wassup, Waddup

What does What’s up mean?

What is up?; A greeting asking what’s going in or happening.

What’s up Synonyms: What it do, Wassup, Waddup, Ayo, Yo, Gang Gang

Example sentence:What’s up with that work broski.”

What’s up in songs:

So what’s up with all that Instagram shit?” – 21 Savage, No Heart.

“I hate when a nigga text you like, “What’s up, fam? Hope you good”” – Kanye West, Real Friends.

“A young nigga tryna win here again, man, what’s up?” – Drake, 5 AM in Toronto.

What’s up, it’s on, no games, we grown” – Big Sean, I Know.

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What's up
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What's up

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