Drip (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dri-p/

Related: Drippin’, Dripped

What does Drip mean?

The clothes and jewelry you wear.

Drip Synonyms: Swag, Water, Fresh, Fly

Example sentence: “He got too much Drip with that LV backpack.”

Drip in songs:

“Ric Flair Drip, go “woo” on a bitch” – Offset, Ric Flair Drip.

“I gave ’em the drip, they sucked it up, I got ’em moanin'” – Lil Baby, Drip Too Hard.

“Niggas tryna soak up the drip like a sponge” – Gunna, Sold Out Dates.

“But I ain’t talkin’ drip when I say that I’ll get the drop on you” – Eminem, You Gon’ Learn.

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