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Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /mar-ket/

Related: Marketable

What does Market mean?

1. To sell or advertise.

Market Synonyms: Promote

2. A place or space where goods and assets are sold.

3. The stock market.

Market Synonyms: Store

Example sentence: “We were planning on how we’re gonna market the album.”

Market in songs:

Market crashed, hurt him bad People get divorced for that” – Kanye West, Pt. 2.

Market him, tell him that he’s buzzing like a game of Operation with Parkinson’s” – Chance the Rapper, Family.

“I smarten up, open the market up” – Jay-Z, U Don’t Know.

“Anything you need, you can find it at the market” – Mac Miller, Frick Park Market.

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