EPMD (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /e-p-m-d/

Also spelled: E.P.M.D.

What does EPMD mean and stand for?

A Hip-Hop group “Erick and Parrish Making Dollars.”

Example sentence: “Back in the days we listened to a lot of EPMD.”

EPMD in songs:

“The worst thing in the world is a sucker MC, Favorite rap group in the world is EPMD” – Phife Dawg, Clap Your Hands.

EPMD must’ve had teachin’ degrees, Learned to defeat enemies with the ink, thinkin’ of these rhymes, Would be as Eazy as E” – Eminem, Higher.

“Carried a nine in my projects, bucket hat EPMD cassettes, now I’m smoking loud in Ibiza, Mix the D’USSE with the reefer” – Nas, BBC.

“Flip MCs like ki’s, My degrees freeze consecutively, like EPMD LPs” – Redman, Got My Mind Made Up.

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