JPEG (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /jay-peg/

Also spelled: J.P.E.G., J-P-E-G

What does JPEG mean and stand for?

1. Joint Photographic Experts Group; A photo format.

Similar to JPEG: PNG, JPG, PDF, GIF

2. JPEGMafia’s nickname.

JPEGMafia’s real name: Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks

Example sentence: I’m gonna upload all the JPEG photos today.”

JPEG in songs:

Fuck you, you know you hurt me in the worst way like Jhene said Painted this false image like I was some sort of JPEG” – Tink, Sounds Good.

“He want a picture with Tommy Save that shit like JPEG” – Tommy Genesis, ROUGH 7.

“Young JPEG on the road to rebellion, You niggas better cuff your children” – JPEGMAFIA, ​i smell crack.

“Man wanna bred me to show their friends Don’t try take me for a JPEG” – Jme, Test Me.

“Got a pocket full of dead prez Attached to your girl like a .jpeg” – 2 Chainz, R.I.P..

“Niggas they be talking but this’ what the K said Prrt prrt get the picture no Jpeg” – Tracy T, Choices.

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