Four pounder

Four pounder (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /four-pounder/

Also spelled or known as: Four-pounder

Plural: Four pounders

Related: .45, Four-fifth, Four-pound

What does Four pounder mean?

A .45 caliber handgun.

Four pounder Synonyms: .45, Four-fifth

Example sentence: “He was sneaking around with a four pounder.”

Four pounder in songs:

“See, I’m the type of brother who keeps a four pounder, Start a lot of shit and shoot at out-of-towners” – Nas, I’m a Villain.

Don’t get flamed from his big boy shit the four pounder” – Omelly, DC Stamp.

“A playa, lay it down, a four pounder, The calm downer, when niggas act a little too active” – Havoc, The Midnight Creep.

Four pounder makes you flounder only live on the net” – King Magnetic, Jedi Mind Tricks.

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Four pounder
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Four pounder

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