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A.I. (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /A-I/

Also spelled or known as: AI, A-I

What does A.I. mean and stand for?

1. Artificial Intelligence.

2. Allen Iverson’s nickname.

Allen Iverson’s real name: Allen Ezail Iverson

Example sentence: “We are going to try A.I. on our apps.”

A.I. in songs:

“Blockin’ all of your hard shots One rule that I play by: Don’t waste time with an A.I.” – JT Music, Ready for Liftoff.

“That your idols become your rivals You make friends with Mike But got to A.I. him for your survival” – Drake, Thank Me Now.

“I ball like A.I., this shit effortless, don’t give a fuck ’bout practice Where I’m from we all on that car” – Polo G, Effortless.

“Stay in some fresh prints, Ashley Banks, sir Call me A.I., sir, I’m The Answer I’m in the playoffs, sir, I advance, sir” – Nicki Minaj, Sir.

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