Clap (slang)

Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /cla-app/

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What does Clap mean?

1. Gonorrhea, an STD.

Clap Synonyms: Crabs

2. To have sexual intercourse.

Clap Synonyms: Smash, Hit, Beat, Bone

3. To shoot.

Clap Synonyms: Pop, Bust

Example sentence: “If i get my money up, i bet she’ll let me clap.”

Clap in songs:

“He serve a few packs and he jack a Mercedes He shoot at the police, he clap at old ladies” – J. Cole, KOD.

Clap that ass, light our blunt, baby, let’s get ig’nant” – Juicy J, Bounce It.

“Thinking it can’t happen ’til I trapem and clapem” – Nas, Represent.

Bad bitch make it clap, like Magnolia Young rich nigga on the couch talking to Oprah” – Offset, Fight Night.

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