Migo gang


Migo gang (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mi-go-gang/

Also spelled or known as: Migo-gang

What does Migo gang mean?

The Migos.

Example sentence: “Offset is a part of Migo gang.”

Migo gang in songs:

“Bought a Richard Millie, you get the message And I’m Migo Gang like a Mexican” – Offset, Wild Wild West.

Migo gang takin’ over—yeah, we is superior” – Takeoff, Bando.

Migo Gang, A$AP Mob, he might fuck around get robbed” – Rich The Kid, WDYW.

“Wrap up the brick like a gyro, Migo gang Cinco De Mayo” – Offset, Emoji a Chain.

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Migo gang
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Migo gang
Migo gang

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