Diss track

Diss track (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /diss-trak/

Also known as: Diss song, Diss record

Related: Diss, Sneak dissin’, Dissin’, Dissed, Diss song

What does Diss track mean?

A disrespectful song directed at someone or something.

Diss track Synonyms: Sub, Subliminal, Shade, Sneak diss

Example sentence: “Drake released a diss track at Meek Mill when they were beefin’.”

Diss track in songs:

Diss track? Nobody wanna hear that song” – Skepta, Lyrics.

“I hope you get a mixdown with a diss track from Ms. Rownd” – Chance the Rapper, Fuck You Tahm Bout.

“This a diss track, this is not a song” – Sheff G, No Suburban, Pt. 2.

“Another diss track trend that was made from me” – Ricegum, Earthquake.

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Diss track
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Diss track

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