Peng ting

Peng ting (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /pang-ting/

Plural: Peng tings

Also known as or spelled: Peng-ting, Pengting

Related: Peng, Ting

What does Peng ting mean?

An attractive woman.

Peng ting Synonyms: Baddie, Ting, Shawty, Piece, Peng, Bae, Babe, Dime

Example sentence: “I was chopping up a peng ting outside of the W hotel.”

Peng ting in songs:

Peng ting lookin’ like a touchdown” – AJ Tracey, Ladbroke Grove.

Peng ting still get aired, Left on read then blue like Barça” – Dave, Professor X.

“Got a peng ting yeah you know she sticking with me” – Deno, London.

Peng ting in my bed at night, she way above the average” – Nafe Smallz, Fire in the Booth.

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Peng ting
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Peng ting

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