Sneak diss

Sneak diss (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sneek-dis/

Related: Sneak dissin’, Diss, Dissin’, Dissed, Diss track

What does Sneak diss mean?

To disrespect someone without saying it to them or mentioning their name.

Sneak diss Synonyms: Diss, Sub, Subliminal, Shade, Diss track, Diss song

Example sentence: “I know you not tryna sneak diss me, stank ass boy!”

Sneak diss in songs:

Fuck his baby mama, tryna sneak diss” – Future, Kings Dead.

“I don’t pay no mind to no sneak diss” – 21 Savage, Sneakin’.

Sneak diss you just to make a bill, Now the world won’t take you serious” – A$AP Rocky, Jodye.

“I seen him on the internet tryna sneak diss, but I know he ain’t Really with that street shit” – Lud Foe, What’s the Issue.

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Sneak diss
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Sneak diss