Dip (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /d-hip/ Related: Dippin’, Dipped What does Dip mean? To leave. Dip Synonyms: Slide, Bounce Example sentence: “If the plug doesn’t come in 10 minutes, i’m gonna dip.” Dip in songs: “Only gon’ say this one time, then I’ll dip” – J. Cole, KOD “Yeah, never go, never go dip […]


Dipped (slang) Type: verb, adjective, slang Pronunciation: /d-hipped/ Related: Dip, Dippin’ What does Dipped mean? 1. A past tense of dip meaning to leave or have left. Dipped Synonyms: Slid, Bounced 2. To be fresh or dressed neatly. Example sentence: “I dipped out of her house as soon as her dad’s car pulled up.” Dipped […]


Dippin’ (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /d-hip-pin/ Also spelled: Dipping Related: Dip, Dipped What does Dippin’ mean? To be leaving. Dippin’ Synonyms: Slidin’, Bouncin’ Example sentence: “As soon as we saw the pigs, we were dippin’.” Dippin’ in songs: “We made you put your hands in the air, put that thang in your face, run […]


Dipping (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /d-hip-in/ Also spelled: Dippin’ Related: Dip, Dipped What does Dipping mean? To be leaving. Dipping Synonyms: Sliding, Bouncing, Tearing out Example sentence: “If the popo comes we dipping.” Dipping in songs: “That’s when other guests start to slip in It’s time for us to get to dipping” – The […]