Deuce and a Quarter

Deuce and a Quarter (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /doose-and-a-quart-err/

Also spelled or known as: Deuce-and-a-quarter, Deuce & a quarter

What does Deuce and a Quarter mean?

A Buick Electra.

Example sentence: “We had a sunday cruise in a deuce and a quarter.”

Deuce and a Quarter in songs (Lyric Examples):

“Candy red Cadillac, deuce and a quarter” – Future, Long Live the Pimp.

“Shit, I used to hug a corner like a old deuce and a quarter ‘Til, like, deuce in the morning” – Beanie Sigel, Guess Who’s Back.

“Say man, I’m in the deuce and a quarter Purple juice, smokin’ water” – Bun B, How We Ride.

Yeah, I say the Butcher comin’ and it’s horror Deuce and a quarter, feather in my fedora” – Benny the Butcher, Butcher Meets Leatherface.

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Deuce and a Quarter
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Deuce and a Quarter

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