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DEA (acronym) Type: noun, acronym Pronunciation: /d-e-a/ Also known as: The DEA What does DEA mean and stand for? Drug Enforcement Administration. DEA stands for Drug Enforcement Administration. Example sentence: “The DEA got Don Pablo.” DEA in songs: “Meanwhile the DEA teamed up with the CCA” – Kanye West, New Slaves. “No info for the DEA” […]

Dead Presidents

Dead Presidents (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /ded-preh-z-dents/ What does Dead Presidents mean? U.S. cash bills. Dead Presidents on Money: Washingtons, Jeffersons, Grants, Benjamins Dead Presidents Synonyms: Blue Cheese, Benji’s, Franklin’s, Cheese, Bread, Guala, Cheddar, Paper, Racks, Cake Coined by: Rakim Example sentence: “I told the teller, i want the dead presidents with strips.” Dead […]


Deadass (slang) Type: adjective Pronunciation: /ded-ass/ Also spelled: Dead-ass, Dead ass What does Deadass mean? To be very or dead serious. Deadass Synonyms: My Word, Foreal, Fr, No Kizzy Example sentence: “I deadass ate a burger every day this week.” Deadass in songs: “Remember them nights I was deadass broke, while I still had a […]


Deadbeat (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /ded-beat/ Also spelled or known as: Dead-beat, Dead beat What does Deadbeat mean? Someone who doesn’t take care of or support their children. Example sentence: “I’m glad my papa is not a deadbeat.” Deadbeat in songs: “I’m the deadbeat father of your little brother In other words goddamnit I’m […]


Deaded (slang) Type: adjective, slang Pronunciation: /dead-ed/ What does Deaded mean? Killed, ended, or finished. Deaded Synonyms: Over Example sentence: “We been deaded the beef.” Deaded in songs: “Got smoke for the opps, but they think that’s deaded Snakes show skin around me, get shedded” – AJ Tracey, Rain. “Me and Shady deaded the past, […]

Deal with

Deal with (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /deal-with/ Also spelled or known as: Deal with Related: Deal What does Deal with mean? To handle or take care of something. Example sentence: “Ima deal with it.” Deal with in songs: “I’m so sorry that I left you there to deal with that alone I was up […]


Dealer (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /deal-r/ Plural: Dealers Related: Drug dealer, Deal, Dealin’, Dealed What does Dealer mean? Someone who deals and sells drugs. Dealer Synonyms: Slanger, Drug dealer, Pusha, Weedman, Plug, Dopeman, Trap star, Pusha Man, Connect, Trapper, Supplier Example sentence: “I’m getting new drugs from my dealer.” Dealer in songs: “What’s drugs, […]


Dealin’ (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /deal-in/ Also spelled: Dealing Related: Deal, Dealer, Drug Dealin’ What does Dealin’ mean? To be selling drugs. Dealin’ Synonyms: Drug Dealin’, Slangin’, Servin’, Movin’, Choppin’ Example sentence: “I made sure my mammy know i’m not dealin’ no more.” Dealin‘ in songs: “When I was dealin’, it really was killin’ […]


Dealio (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /d-leo/ Also spelled or known as: Dilly Related: What’s the dealio What does Dealio mean? Deal. Dealio synonyms: Dilly Example sentence: “Yeah right, they already know the dealio.” Dealio in songs: “In my spare time, I write rhymes in three What’s the dealio? Sharp like Number 24s free throw” […]

Death row

Death row (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /deth-row/ What does Death row mean? 1. A prison area or section for prisoners sentenced to death under the death penalty by the U.S. government. 2. Death Row Records; A West Coast Hip-Hop record label founded in 1992. Example sentence: “The killer spent years in death row before […]