Double tap


Double tap (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /doub-ull-trap/

Also spelled or known as: Double-tap

Related: Double tapped, Double tapin’, Double taping

What does Double tap mean?

To like a picture on Instagram.

Double tap Synonyms: Like

Example sentence: “All it took was a double tap.”

Double tap in songs:

“You got engaged but she still wanna slurp-ski, She double tap my pictures, she so flirty” – 21 Savage, Yessirskiii.

“I hold it down like a Snapchat Go over your head like a snapback Uploaded a pic, double tap that” – Lady Leshurr, Queen’s Speech 4.

“They gon’ judge your life for a couple likes on the double tap” – Kendrick Lamar, Purple Hearts.

“Your girl’s on me, what’s up with that? If I like her, all this shit will really take is a double tap” – G-Eazy, Calm Down.

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Double tap
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Double tap
Double tap