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Desert E

Desert E (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /des-ert-e/ Related: D.E. Plural: Desert E’s What does Desert E mean? A Desert Eagle handgun. Desert E Synonyms: D.E., Four pound, Eagle Example sentence: “The weapon he had on him was Desert E.” Desert E in songs: “Which is all that tough talk in front of bitches Yeah you fifteen deep, the Desert E […]

Desert E’s

Desert E’s (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /des-ert-ees/ Singular: Desert E What does Desert E’s mean? Desert Eagle handguns. Desert E’s Synonyms: DE’s Example sentence: “He said he’s a fool with desert E’s.” Desert E’s in songs: “We talking weed and rocks, Desert E’s and Glocks The only thing that make me happier is bleeding […]


Desire (noun) Type: noun, verb Pronunciation: /de-sigh-er/ What does Desire mean? 1. The feeling of want or wanting something. 2. To want something. Desire synonyms: Lust Example sentence: “Tell me anything you desire and i can make it happen.” Desire in songs: “This ain’t no trial if you desire go higher please” – J. Cole, […]