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Chopper city

Chopper city (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /chop-err-sit-e/

Also spelled or known as: the chopper city, Chopper-city

What does Chopper city mean?

New Orleans, Louisiana.

Chopper city Synonyms: Crescent city, Nola, 504

Example sentence:Lil Wayne is from chopper city.”

Chopper city in songs:

Draco thirty hit me, it got a fifty named Top (Mm-mm) Bitch, we sticked up, it’s chopper city, yeah” – YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Chopper City.

“Rest in peace Soulja, damn, we need you back Shout out B.G., the whole Chopper City Cash Money, Young Money, yeah, we got the city” – Gudda Gudda, Always Love You.

Cash Money highly respected without a major deal I’m still that Chopper City nigga that like to chill” – B.G., Cash Money Is an Army.

“Get the dough, get up off your ass and get at it (Yeah) Please don’t try it (Nah), this shit Chopper City” – Lil Yachty, Can’t Go.

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Chopper city
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Chopper city

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