504 (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /five-oh-four/

Also known as: The 504, Tha 504, Da 504

What does 504 mean?

New Orleans, Louisiana area code.

504 Synonyms: Nolia, Nola

Example sentence:Lil Wayne is from the 504.”

Stufinder New Orleans
Stufinder New Orleans

504 in songs:

“Live from the 504, It’s Mr. Crazy Flow” – Lil Wayne, Live from the 504.

I’m in the 323, she from the 504” – Dom Kennedy, The Ways.

“Now I’m that razor that cuts the dope, the newest member of the 504” – Silkk The Shocker, Hot Boys and Girls.

“And me, I’m a lil 504 New Orleans nigga, I be in 305 though like a Marlin, nigga” – Lil Wayne, Poppin.

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