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Chink (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /chink/

Plural: Chinks

Related: Chinx

What does Chink mean?

A Chinese person.

Example sentence: “My ex girl was a chink and she had many jokes.”

Chink in songs:

“Eyes chink, rollinup that dank, blowin’ on that stank What you mean? Tell me what you drink, I’m on that kissin’ pink” – A$AP Rocky, Goldie.

“The judge said, “mate, stop playin’ the victim” Then I ended up on the wing Playin’ ping pong with this chink yute called Ling Ling” – M1llionz, HDC.

“I just want to buy a Masi just to say I crashed it Forty bands, had to thank the chink when I grabbed it” – Drakeo the Ruler,Mr. Get Dough.

“Her eyes chink and her pussy pink like high eyes Bad chick, but that don’t mean I won’t bring her ass right to Popeyes” – Young M.A, Walk.

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