UPT (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /u-p-t/

Also spelled or known as: U.P.T., U-P-T

What does UPT mean and stand for?

Uptown New Orleans.

Example sentence:I’m going to UPT to get some crawfish.”

UPT in songs:

“Big Tymer representin’, nigga, the UPT” – Birdman,

I’m I-N-F-A-R and E-D, I’m from the UPT” – Infared, If It’s On It’s On.

“Two of the hottest days of the week,They harassing and hacking niggas in that UPT” – Turk, Tuesday and Thursday.

“Shady, you can catch me in the D now baby it’s all gravy, Still reppin UPT what is you sayin'” – Jay Electronica, So What You Saying.

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