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Chopstick (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /chop-st-ick/ Related: Stick Plural: Chopsticks What does Chopstick mean? A long gun. Chopstick Synonyms: Draco, Stick, Yoppa, Choppa, Glizzy, Tool, Piece, Strap Example sentence: “That’s a chopstick but he’s not eating.” Chopstick in songs: “Hot lil’ jit, he gon’ stay with the chopstick” – Lil Baby, Sum 2 Prove. […]


Chopsticks (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /chop-sticks/ Also spelled: Chop sticks, Chop-sticks Singular: Chopstick What does Chopsticks mean? Guns. Chopsticks is the plural of Chopstick meaning Guns. Chopsticks Synonyms: Mops, Choppas, Dracos, Rods, Yoppas Example sentence: “The cops found a lot of chopsticks in the raid.” Chopsticks in songs: “We call them chopsticks ’cause they […]