Mud (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mawd/

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What does Mud mean?

Lean; A narcotic mixture of codeine and sprite.

Mud Synonyms: Muddy, Dirty Sprite, Purple Drank, Drank, Soda, Good Drank, Wock, Wockeisha, Wocky, Easter Pink

Example sentence: “Is that mud in your cup?”

Mud in songs (Lyric Examples):

I’m a savage to these niggas, but to her I’m gentle I’m just sippin’ on this mud, you was on my mental” – 21 Savage, Feel It.

“Full of the mud, yeah, nigga get full of them drugs, yeah” – Future, Fuck Up Some Commas.

“Walk up in the house, where the stove at? ‘Til I ran into the plug, ’til I ran into the mud” – Rich The Kid, Plug Walk.

“Got a whole lot of mud in my Minute Maid” – Juicy J, One of Those Nights.

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