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Broski (slang)

Type: noun, slang, expression

Pronunciation: /bro-ski/

Related: Bro

What does Broski mean?

Brother. Broski is a variant of bro; meaning brother.

Broski Synonyms: Bro, Bruh, Brozay, Brodie, Brudda, Bruv

Example sentence:I’m loving this thai food broski.”

Broski in songs:

“Call up my broski Gene, like call up the jeweler” – Rowdy Rebel, Computers.

Broski got the 30, he ain’t tryna fight” – Lil Reese, I Don’t Like.

“Me and my broski are twins, but we don’t look alike” – Drake, Gyalchester.

Broski going dumb, hopped in the car, he said he down to ride” – Lil Skies, Nowadays.

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