Pimpin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /pimp-in/

Also spelled: Pimping

Related: Pimp, Pimped

What does Pimpin’ mean?

To be making money from promiscuous women.

Example sentence: “You know i stay on my pimpin’ my boy.”

Pimpin’ in songs:

Don’t mind my pimpin’, bitch, don’t sweat me” – NLE Choppa, Shotta Flow.

Pimpin’ like I’m 33, move keys like I’m 36″ – Schoolboy Q, Work REMIX.

‘Cause the pimpin’ ice cold, all these bitches wanna chill” – Drake, The Motto.

“Got different hoes, I’m pimpin’ hoes, you could tell by my paystubs” – A$AP Rocky, Wild for the Night.

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