Bozack (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bo-zak/

What does Bozack mean?

A ballsack; scrotum.

Bozack Synonyms: Nuts, Balls, Sack

Example sentence: “She was staring at my bozack.”

Bozack in songs:

“You get the bozack to the ho-stack, that’s for sho’, black” – Pac, Thug 4 Life.

“Get the bozack, bitch, my soul’s blackening” – Eminem, Guns Blazing.

“Hop off the bozack, the .44 clap You’ll need LoJack to find your ho back” – Action Bronson, Run up on Ya

So get the bozack, knockinhoes back, keep my dough stacked” -2Pac, Fake Ass Bitches.

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