Cooter (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /coot-err/

What does Cooter mean?

A vagina.

Cooter Synonyms: Doonie, Punani, Coochie, WAP, Pussy, Cunt, Box, Doonies, Ho cake, Muff, Power-U, Twat, Poon, Cooch, Pie, Trim, Hole, Nappy dugout, Jenny, Vag

Example sentence: “She wanna give me cooter and i’m not even trying.”

Cooter in songs:

“Daughters’ moms kinda want me neutered, But they also want the kid to cum right on they cooter” – Mac Miller, Blue Slide Park.

I’m fuckin’ in yo redneck, I’m diggin’ in your cooter, yes” – Childish Gambino, I’m So Official.

Cooter vicious, within a minute I finished” – Lil Dicky, All K.

Hit that cooter mama from the front with my hands on her neck” – Sada Baby, 50 SHADES Of Red.

“My Bank account is molding Me and Wanda Sykes was holding hands ’till I eat her cooter” – Tyler, The Creator, Odd and Twisted.

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