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Crotch (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /cr-awtch/

What does Crotch mean?

Sexual organs on the body below the stomach.

Crotch Synonyms: Genitals, Private parts, Pussy, Dick

Example sentence: “He was trying to bully him so they boy kicked him in the Crotch.”

Crotch in songs:

“Hop up off my crotch, I’m the shit, need a potty” – Tyga, Riot.

“John Wick in the cut deuce deuce in his crotch” – Offset, Bars.

“They all unconscious, topless, exposing they crotch and shit” – Joey Badass, Funky Ho’$.

“Told her to put my dope in her crotch, she was ready” – Gunna, Diamonds.

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