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Blazing (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /blays-in/

Also spelled: Blazing

Related: Blaze, Blazed

What does Blazing mean?

1. To be smoking weed.

Blazing Synonyms: Chiefing, Smoking

2. To be shooting (a gun).

3. To be hot.

Blazing Synonyms: Popping

Example sentence: “My girl is blazing every night.”

Blazing in songs:

“Started blazing, and stargazing See how you can reach your farthest aspirations” – Capital STEEZ, Third Eye Shit / Suspect.

“I take a sip of that ‘gnac, I wanna fuck I take a hit of that chronic, it got me stuck But really what’s amazing is how I keep blazing Towel under the door, we smoke until the day’s end Puff-puff, then pass, don’t fuck up rotation Hpnotiq for Henny? Now, nigga, that’s a chaser” – Really Doe, We Major.

“See whites, blacks blazing a pound, jump-jumping around Tits, ass bump out her gown B-bounce from the ground, hype for the sound” – ScHoolboy Q, Man of tHe Year.

“When my Lambo on the track, fall back When I’m riding at speed, get that neck crack, oh Blazing on the engine, everybody looking back Like I’m shooting, gratata, got them going “fuck that” – KSI, Lamborghini.

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