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Sho (slang)

Type: adverb, slang

Pronunciation: /show/

What does Sho mean?

1. Sure. Sho is slang for Sure.

Sho Synonyms: Yup, Yeah, Yea, Yah, Ya

2. Show; concert or event.

Sho Synonyms: Show, Function

Example sentence:I’m sho i can come to your function tonight.”

Sho in songs:

“Motherfucker, my .44 make sho‘ all y’all kids don’t grow!” -2Pac, HitEm Up.

“I’ma pass it to Arab and he goncrank it up fo’ sho‘” – Soulja Boy, Crank That (Soulja Boy).

“Yes, I got the gift to gab fo sho” – Logic, Take It Back.

I’m like nah man, hol’ up Yea we bout it, shonuff” – Logic, Never Enough.

“I could make a honey give away her last Rolo And I stay sho, yo, you know how it goes” – Tinie Tempah, Girls Like.

“What y’all niggas don’t know: it’s e-asy to pimp a hoe Bitches better have my money fo’ sho‘” – Ja Rule, Can I Get A….

Switch up the flow, they gonbite it for sho‘” – Offset, UP THE SMOKE.

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