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Boned (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /bow-und/

Related: Bone, Boner

What does Boned mean?

To have had sexual intercourse.

Boned Synonyms: Smashed, Fucked, Hit

Example sentence: “She left the crib at 3am, you know i boned.”

Boned in songs:

Boned so much that summer, even had him a baby” – Kanye West, Drive Slow.

“I boned her in my dorm room and kicked her out of it” – J. Cole, LAnd of the Snakes.

“I took his bitch, I boned” – Lil Yachty, Coffin.

Boned her with my boner, boned it till she comatose” – Juice, Breakfast AT ePiffanies.

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