Backshot (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /back-shot/

Also spelled or known as: Back shot, Back-shot

Plural: Backshots

What does Backshot mean?

To have sexual intercourse with someone from behind (the back).

Backshot Synonyms: Doggy, Doggy style

Example sentence: “She wanted to switch into a backshot position.”

Backshot in songs:

“B double S, backshot specialist Bruck up the pum-pum, leave that wet Bad B’s in love with the set, no stress, get bread” – ZT, Body (Remix).

“Sippin’ till my heart stop and my jaw lock I just made her jaw drop from a backshot” – Juice WRLD, IDGAF (Remix).

“No phone call, no emails, no photos Just backshot, with that fat butt And low blow headbutts in slow-mo” – T.I., Go Get It.

“Girl, mi nuh have no pics ‘pon the Snapchat fi you I have one Hennessy and backshot fi you Short form, mi wan’ give it up too” – Tory Lanez, Hot Gyal.

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