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Bogie (slang)

Type: noun, slang, UK

Pronunciation: /bo-gee/

Also spelled or known as: Bogey

Plural: Bogies

What does Bogie mean?

A cigarette.

Bogie Synonyms: Bogey, Cancer stick, Short, Nicotine, Nikki

Example sentence: “We smoked a bogie after the show.”

Bogie in songs:

“Man, I’ll smoke a bogie backwards with a thumb up like, “It’s fine” – El-P, ​out of sight.

Smoke so much, niggas say I need Nicorette You say bogie but you used to say cigarette” – Noreaga, I’m Leaving.

Poppin’ out my wrist, I want a rollie Talk up to the team, you’ll get smoked like a bogie” – Ching, I Love My Gang.

“Should be glad my hand is gripped around his spliff and not his neck, yes This not a bogie, you already know the smell” – Method Man, Hot Box.

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