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Brum (slang)

Type: noun, slang, UK

Pronunciation: /bruhm/

Related: Brummie

What does Brum mean?

Birmingham, England.

Brum Synonyms: Birms, Birmz

Example sentence: “That girl over there is from Brum.”

Brum in songs:

‘Cause Devilmans trying to get big a likkle bit But guys in Manny and Brum know you thief your style off Bassman and Trigga a likkle bit” – Skepta, Skepta vs. Devilman.

“We’re all rooting for the city of Brum The city I love, just tryin’ put my city on top” – Lucas, Birmingham (Anthem).

“My Brumting saying she might as well had cheated like Keyshia Cole” – Nines, Fire In The Booth.

“Breakfast in Brum, blue Marlin” – Young Adz, Whole Summer.

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