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Cancer stick

Cancer stick (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /can-ser-stick/

Also spelled or known as: Cancer-stick, Cancerstick

Plural: Cancer sticks

What does Cancer stick mean?

A cigarette.

Cancer stick Synonyms: Cig, Ciggy, Bogey, Bogie, Short, Nicotine, Nikki

Example sentence: “Does anybody have a cancer stick on them?”

Cancer stick in songs:

“He don’t want no smoke, cancerous Prolly smoke him like a cancer stick” – Juice WRLD, Tick Tock.

Cancer stick, she no good for me, bitch make me sick” – stic.man, Dirty White Girl.

“Put a cancer stick up in your mouth-or grab a brew” – Scarface, Mary Jane.

“She let her hair down and lit a cancer stick She saw it turned me off and said she tryna quit” – Lil Wayne, F Him Good.

“Did you show him that new trick Of how you can make it smoke a cancer stick?” – Devin the Dude, Fuck You.

“Make me put you on a burner Smoke you like a cancer stick” – OJ da Juiceman, All These Bitches.

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Cancer stick
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Cancer stick