Bogey (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bo-gee/

Also spelled or known as: Bogie

What does Bogey mean?

A cigarette.

Bogey Synonyms: Bogie, Short, Nicotine, Nikki

Example sentence: “Do you have a bogey on you?”

Bogey in songs:

“Never smoked the bogey Presidential Rollie Call your bitch a goalie She be catchin’, flexin’, watch me killem slowly” – Dave East, One Way.

“I could smell old Bogey cigars Lauren Bacall perfumes, smelling just as sweet” – Nas, Blunt Ashes.

“Seen a nigga get burned with a bogey I done seen a good kid startin’ OD” – Lil TJay, Go In.

“Ate a couple pills and took the bud up out the plastic Flickin’ bogey ashes, bitch, I stay blasted” – Danny Brown, 30.

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