Bogies (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /boe-gees/

Singular: Bogie

What does Bogies mean?


Bogies Synonyms: Cancer sticks, Shorts, Nicotines, Nikkis

Example sentence: “They gave us some bogies for free.”

Bogies in songs:

“Night crawlin’ on ’em, never see me when the sun out Rookie of the year, lighting bogies in the dugout” – Chris Webby, Fine Wine.

“It’s like fuck, it’s King Tut jewelry, blind fury, nigga I smoke bogies, conspiracy theory” – N.O.R.E., Grimey.

“While she listen to the oldies, soap operas, smoking bogies On the phone, gossiping, telling homegirls stories” – Danny Brown, 25 Buck.

“His high is coming down cause now he’s nervous smokin bogies And now he findin out that fuckin murder was his co-D” – Jim Jones, My Diary.

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