Fuck up some commas

Fuck up some commas (slang)

Type: verb, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /fuck-up-some-com-ahs/

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What does Fuck up some commas mean?

To spend a lot of money (thousands).

Fuck up some commas Synonyms: Splurge, Ball

Example sentence: “We went to the store to fuck up some commas.”

Fuck up some commas in songs:

“It’s cool, it’s no biggie, no Christopher Wallace Let’s fuck up some commas” – mike., Things I Like.

I’m from Southern California Hit the weed man and fuck up some commas” – Ty Dolla $ign, Westside.

“What If I had a hundred million dollars? I’d fuck up some, fuck up some, fuck up some commas” – G-Eazy, What If.

“Quick to pick her up, I be that pretty mothafucker For fuckinup my cash on Ubers, time to switch the truck up Tip the driver, turn the Future up, fuck up some commas” – A$AP Rocky, Money Man.

“Might go in the Saint Laurent store, Louis Vuitton don I’ma fuck up some commas” – Roddy Ricch, 25 million.

“I can see it in my future like future I might just fuck up some commas” – Trill Sammy, Like Martin.

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Fuck up some commas
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Fuck up some commas

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