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Chief (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /cheef/

Related: Chiefing, Chiefin’, Chiefed

What does Chief mean?

To smoke weed.

Chief Synonyms: Toke, Hit it

Example sentence: “She came over to chief and get smashed.”

Chief in songs:

“She gon’ do it for a G, anything for me, bruh She just wanna fuck and drink and chief all the weed up” – Juicy J, Wasted.

“They’ll set a nigga up, set they niggas up, anyone they know For a come up, get they funds up, to get any kind of dough I only fuck bad bitches, not just any type of ho Smoking strong all week, I don’t chief any type of dope” – WillThaRapper, Pull Up Hop Out.

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