Blamming (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /blam-in/

Also spelled or known as: Blammin

Related: Blam, Blammer

What does Blamming mean?

To be shooting.

Blamming Synonyms: Clapping, Busting, Bussing, Sparking, Dumping, Popping, Spinning

Example sentence: “Why were they blamming after the club?”

Blamming in songs:

“Damn that shit fu’, ayy, ayy Let me find out you fuI’m blamming at you” – Chief Keef, Shifu.

“No face no case tie the bandana back Niggas blam at me fuck it I’m blamming back Hit the grip with extended clip then a nigga flinch” – Young M.A, Don’t Run (Remix).

“They shot through his Phantom And tandem cannons were blamming him” – Childish Gambino, ​yaphet kotto (freestyle).

“Off the porch, leave the score up to the streets Hop out the V, get to blamming M-Dot leave you drenched in your fashion” – Ciggy Black, World War III.

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