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Ciggy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sig-e/

Related: Cig

What does Ciggy mean?


Ciggy Synonyms: Spliff, Fag, Cig

Example sentence:Yo do you have a ciggy on you?”

Ciggy in songs:

Lit a ciggy at the light and then pass it like a spliff I’m dirty ass nigga, grip her hips at the party” – Lil Darkie, DEATH SQUAD.

“Buming a ciggy with Dizzy and Weezy Sucking a titty like giggiddy giggiddy, my ability can’t mimic me” – Ocean Wisdom, Walkin’.

Yo, smoke on me, bro got smoke too But he’s high off loud or smoking a ciggy Violate who? You’re silly” – Bandokay, Drip No Drown.

Bro packed him off and dashed him off And now we’re bunning man (No) And now we’re bunning man with ciggy Needing more like come from Philly” – Izzpot, Daily Duppy.

So I fuck with my Woos who really could rap Don’t ask about Pop, don’t ask about Ciggy” – Bizzy Banks, Don’t Start, Pt. 2.

“What they all ain’t seen in the man, got a Miffy Yeah they all get retrieved and smoked like a ciggy” – Crowned Yung, God Flow.

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