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Fu (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /foo/

Also spelled or known as: Foo

Related: Fufu, Foofoo

What does Fu mean?

Fake or of really bad quality.

Example sentence: Them niggas is fu.”

Fu in songs:

“Run up and we kill stuff, act up we gon’ let it bust, And let’s get it, all the fu shit, I ain’t with it” – RondoNumbaNine, Brothers.

“Okay! All y’all niggas fu’ as fuck!, I’m U-L-T and I don’t fuck with you if you ain’t us” – Denzel Curry, PERCS | PERCZ.

“Emotions, I erased it, fuck havin’ feelings, I replaced it Should’ve peeped that fu’ shit from the basis” – Lil Tjay, 20/20.

Bitch niggas always jackinBlood, but I know they fu’ Whole squad full of fuckin’ killers, I’m a killer too” – 6ix9ine, BILLY.

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