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Bicking back

Bicking back (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /bik-in-bak/

Also spelled or known as: Bickin’ back, Bicking-back

Related: Bick it, Bick back, Bicking it, Bicking back

What does Bicking back mean?

To be kicking back; relaxing and chilling.

Bicking back Synonyms: Kicking back, Chillaxing

Example sentence: “Me and my girl bicking back being bool.”

Bicking back in songs:

Bicking back bein’ bool, trigger happiest goons Bigger mansion and pool, I need a map for this room” – Lil Wayne, Took His Time.

I’m a blood nigga, just bicking back being bool Cut off khakis, braids and house shoes” – Jay Rock, Blood Niggaz.

I’m bicking back with all my gang members booling baby Twelve hundred, he ain’t budging for the new key yankee” – Mozzy, Sacrifice.

Bicking back, being bool like a uncle (Yeah) I’m so geeked up, I might fuck a condom” – Young Thug, Thief in the Night.

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Bicking back
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Bicking back